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Dr. Genevieve Milnes

       Family Therapist

Dr Peter Milnes

Counsellor and Mediator

Established in 2000 as Belmont Counselling Clinic, Psychology Australia Mt Lawley Pty Ltd  is a private psychology and counselling clinic directed by Dr. Genevieve Milnes. Psychology Australia Pty Mt Lawley Ltd has become one of Western Australia's most reputable, dynamic, and friendly clinics.


Our team has been carefully hand-selected by director Dr. Genevieve Milnes to provide our clients with the support of highly trained, exceptionally skilled, passionate, and client-focused professionals.


Each clinician takes a very individualised approach to the therapeutic relationship, where diagnosis, treatment planning and implementation is tailored to meet individuals needs, with a particular focus on the clients motivations for counselling. Furthermore, each clinician is appropriately registered and licensed, holds relevant academic qualifications in their field, and memberships to professionally recognised associations.


Psychology Australia Mt Lawley Pty Ltd encourages and supports the professional development and training of its staff year round to ensure service delivery is current, informed, and of the highest standard.



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