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Mon & Tues 9am - 5pm (last appointment)                                                      

$250.00 Individual session (with Medicare rebate)                                                      

$280.00 Couples session (with Medicare rebate)                                                  



Thurs & Fri 10am- 5pm (last appointment)

$250.00 Individual session (with Medicare rebate)

$280.00 Couples session (with Medicare rebate)



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Dr. Genevieve Milnes  

B Ed, BDiv, BPsych, MA(Couns&Psych), MApplPsych(Clin & Ed).

PhD(Clin Psych, Ed & Psychotherapy), Dip School Music(Mus Ed)

Dr. Genevieve Milnes is a Clinical Psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist, the national director of Psychology Australia Mt Lawley Pty Ltd, and the co-owner/director of Psychology Australia Mt Lawley, a psychology and counselling clinic based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Genevieve employs a group of therapists with a range of expertise and with Dr Peter Milnes heads up the PALS (Psychology Australia Local Service) which is embedded in the Beacon Salvation Army homelessness 100 bed facility. Genevieve continues to practice Clinical Psychology with Medicare rebates available. In a former 'life' Genevieve was a classroom music teacher, flautist and preschool teacher for ten years before setting out with her family as a missionary to Brazil for 8 years from 1985. She worked with drug rehabilitation, as a lecturer and teacher in the Portuguese language, and contributed to street children's and orphanage projects. She was also the hostess for  the central guest house for the mission in the city of Belo Horizonte (pop. 6,000,000). Genevieve is a national Christian leader and has represented the Christian Counsellors of Australia as their National President for 13 years. She is also well known for her radio interviews and talkback on 95fm and Vision Christian radio. Genevieve is currently a member of the Anglican Church in Mt Barker, WA.


Genevieve gained a Bachelor of Psychology from Murdoch University with a focus on Children and Special Education, a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology (Clinical) from Murdoch University with specializations in Educational Psychology, and Adult and Child Clinical Psychology. Her area of research was the treatment of adolescent depression through 'cognitive fluency', a precursor to Rewiring. Genevieve has a Bachelor of Education from Curtin University with a major in Music and a sub-major in Anthropology, a Master of Arts (Counselling and Psychology) from Pacific College of Graduate Studies (Melbourne) with a thesis component in the area of client suicide, and a Bachelor of Divinity from Melbourne College of Divinity including a three-month practical intensive in hospital chaplaincy (CPE).


Genevieve completed a PhD in the treatment of depression in adults called 'Rewiring Cognitions & Emotions'. Her research is the standardization and manualisation of a combination cognitive-behavioural/psychodynamic psychotherapeutic modality. 'Rewiring' is a 6 session treatment to overwrite faulty and dysfunctional scripts that play over in people's heads. Based on her study of brain chemistry Genevieve has devised a very practical way to rewire the brain. If clients complete their 20-25 minutes home practice every day the goals are measurable and predictable. Rewiring has a positive synergistic effect on our emotions and increases the 'feel-good' chemicals in the brain. Results have been shown to attain permanency when practiced in the prescribed way.


Genevieve is extremely experienced in working with couples, restoring marriages and establishing compatability in relationships.  She worked for many years as a paediatric Clinical Psychologist and loves helping parents with their children. Genevieve is a highly ethical and compassionate counsellor and dedicates herself to her clients and her ongoing research in the EdD program at Murdoch University.