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At Psychology Australia we are committed to working collaboratively with other specialists involved in the care of our clients. Our Psychology services enable us to provide direct and prompt assistance to clients who require psychological assessment and treatment, and to provide cohesive and well-coordinated care.


We can offer your patients:


Lovely, Convenient Location with Parking

We have a lovely, quiet federation home in Mt Lawley to welcome your patients and treat them with care and concern in a professional, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Same Day Orientation for Patients

When you refer patients to us we can usually see them ON THE SAME DAY for an initial consultation with one of our team to introduce Psychology Australia and our services.


Respect for GP’s

We have the utmost respect for you, our referring GP’s, and our office will send you a letter after your patients initial appointment and as required throughout care.



Sometimes at your request, or at the discretion of the therapist, the Clinic may open up bulk-billing sessions.


Referral Pads

If you require business cards or a referral pad we can send them to you on request.

















Employee Assistance Programs



An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help an organization maintain morale and productivity and avoid loss of personnel. Psychology Australia has highly trained professional Counsellors, Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists at locations across Western Australia ready to help your employees maintain their best performance.


To find out more about our EAPs please contact us on 9227 9796 or at



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