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Gaston Antezana

About me




Gaston is a counsellor with over 15 years of experience helping individuals, couples and families. He also has teaching experience in the fields of psychology, counselling and education. He has worked as a clinician in Australia and overseas in different settings including universities, agencies and private practice.


Gaston was trained as a Psychologist in South America with a specific focus on CBT, he is also knowledgeable in Person Centred Psychotherapy. In Australia he is registered as a clinical member with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and the Christian Counsellor Association of Australia (CCAA).



•Bachelor in Psychology (Hons)

•PhD Candidate – Mental Health, wellbeing and technology

•Diploma in Community-Services (financial counselling)

•Masters in Business Administration and Human Resources Management


Services Provided

Gaston provides support for young people, individuals and couples in different areas, including: anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, stress management and others. He also has extensive experience in treating problem gambling and it’s effects, supporting gamblers and their families to recover with evidence based strategies.




Mount Lawley: 6PM onwards on weekdays, Saturday mornings




Individual $110, Couples $132


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