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Mount Lawley and Albany

Psychology Australia Local Services (PALS)

Dr. Genevieve Milnes

       Family Therapist

Dr Peter Milnes

Counsellor and Mediator

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Geoff Cole

Clinical Psychologist

Psychology Australia is an established group practice of psychologists and counsellors that has been producing solid results over the past 15 years, now at centralised, well-resourced facilities in Mt Lawley. In the PALS package, Psychology Australia is responding to the need for services to local environments. PALS increases access to psychological services by:

  • Removing the disruptive and time-consuming hassles of time and travel

  • Allowing for treatment in the “real world” close to where the issues are experienced.

  • Providing a service that is at no cost to the client so that those who need it, can get assistance.

  • Tailoring psychological assistance to suit the needs and size of your organisation.


Call Genevieve on 0410 303 358 for enquiries on how to set up PALS in your organisation.

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Dr Suzie Brans

Clinical Psychologist