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Rewiring is an individual or group approach to psychological therapy based on a combination model of CBT, psychotherapy and mastery learning. It is chiefly concerned with the relationship between optimism, learning, successful patterns of behaviour, and the subjective experiences and patterns of thought underlying them.


This therapy educates people in self-awareness, healthy thinking, and effective communication, and helps them to change patterns of mental and emotional behaviour in a very short time-span. Rewiring works on the neuroplasticity of the brain. It has been shown to be effective with adolescents and adults.


The object of the training is to re-educate the brain and encourage a change in mental state, thus challenging the brain to function more effectively. The scripts that are programmed into our brains throughout life can be changed through this process, and organised into new scripts for us to achieve specific goals in life.

What is it?


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Cognitions and Emotions

What does the research say?

Therapist Training

What does the research say? Dr Milnes and staff at Psychology Australia have treated over 2000 depressed adults and adolescents with compelling results. Empirical and case study evidence support Rewiring as a cost-effective, short-term, psychodynamic and cognitive combination therapy that can be used in a variety of settings by trained clinicians.

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Dr. Genevieve Milnes 

has launched a new therapy called Rewiring

based on 15 years of research and practice to

manage depression, anxiety & other issues.

It is a 6 session program.


Email for a brochure & application