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Genevieve began research in the early part of 1997 on this unusual, new approach to reducing depression, anxiety and stress. In 2010 she completed her PhD in Rewiring and today sees the majority of her clients using this method.


Now 20 years later she has seen over 3,000 clients who have used this psychotherapeutic modality with success in reducing scores for depression, anxiety and stress. She has taught therapists in China, the US, England, Malaysia and all over Australia, how to conduct the Rewiring Therapy.


Each client sees Genevieve for an average of 6 sessions. Rewiring becomes permanent over that time. Rewiring is, after all, practicing something in a different way for a specific period of time. All clients must complete the 20-25 minutes of daily home practice.


In this therapy clients practice positive and uplifting self-talk which in turn increases their dopamine and serotonin levels (neurotransmitters) in the synapses of the brain. 


The self-talk is formalised by the therapist through a careful targeting of negative emotions and feelings, and the resulting 'script' is repeated a specific number of times every day as self-ratings increase. The self-talk is also designed to inform and educate the brain and the subconscious.


As well as this cognitive restructuring, Genevieve accompanies the client on a journey into their fixated emotional states. There are 4 basic exercises to reach and instruct the Inner Child, which bring about healing. So Rewiring is not just a cognitive approach, it utilises psychodynamic aspects of therapy to reach into the deeper parts of personality and make lasting changes.


To access this practical approach to therapy ring Emma on 08 92279796 or contact her on and make a booking with Genevieve today.